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In the Spring of 2017, we realized that everything we wrote, everyone we wanted to work with, everyone who intrigued us, and every issue in the field of education that we wanted to tackle had one thing in common: "pushing boundaries."


As a result, the birth of Pushing  Boundaries Consulting, LLC (PBC) took place because of our central governing philosophy of wanting to make an incredible impact on shifting the walls of status quo  structures that still exist in schools today.  From there, the "shifting wall" icon was conceived and schools  began utilizing our work, along with our affiliate consultants who also have the ideals and expertise needed to "push boundaries." On each page of this website, you will see escalator stairs.  These "stairs" represent constantly changing rejuvenations unlike traditional stationary stairs that will never change. 

 The "structures" in education that demand new horizons are  cornerstones of our work in the areas of building relationships and working with others, designing meaningful curriculum and instruction, utilizing technology, and providing the social emotional well-being necessary for every student and adult learner to be successful in educational institutions everywhere.


Our motto is simple: 


 Everything that we do is unlike anything else

that anyone else does . . .

"because our students are counting on us!"


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