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  Chapter Nine  

Dueling the Parent and Educator Role as an EDvocate. 

Rebecca Coda

Mandy Froelich has compiled stories from educators that have faced adversity, learned lessons, grown and are now thriving. How we react to that adversity and the choices we make determines how we will persevere.


The Fire Within: Lessons from defeat that have ignited a passion for learning is a compilation of stories from amazing educators who have faced personal adversity head on and have become stronger people for it.


In chapter nine I share a candid story of dueling the roles as a parent and as an educational leader. Being an educator is already hard enough and being a parent of high needs children as their advocate is even tougher to navigate when these worlds collide.


We all have a story and lessons to learn. Hopefully the mistakes that I made as a parent leader navigating through adversity will touch the lives of many and motivate others to persevere and lead through grace and hope. 

Contributing Author
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