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I'm a Christian. I was prayed for in my mother's womb, raised in a Christian home. I have encountered the radiant magnificence of light as well as the deepest depths of darkness.  I choose light. I choose faith, hope & love. 

I'm a Publishing Agent. It is an honor to share manuscripts of authors willing to narrativize their spiritual journeys, and share their creative works.  Sometimes it takes decades for God to frame our talents and experiences for his purpose. I am honored to publish the valuable work of authors that have experienced God breathed spiritual encounters, that are patriotic,  and lead to the growth of humanity. 

I'm an Educational Leader. We all possess a sphere of influence that extends far beyond a single classroom. Every day is an opportunity to learn, every day is an opportunity to share, every day is an opportunity to teach. As an author, blogger, and consultant the status quo is not an option.  Highly effective people are not effective alone.  I am motivated by the positive impactful educators and industry leaders in their craft and inspired by those courageous enough to unify school communities, Constitutionally, as One Nation Under God.  

I'm an Ambassador of Hope. From first world problems to third world problems, one thing is true. The world can always use hope. Hope for things unseen, hope for things to come, hope for each other, hope for good will, hope for success, hope for more kindness, hope for prevailing, hope for overcoming, hope for influencing the world, hope for eternity. 

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