The Gift Box [Children of Trauma]

In some ways it may seem too taboo to talk about this topic. This is the topic that involves students cutting themselves, threatening suicide, kids feeling shame, students acting out and bullying just to survive. So as an educator, how do I leave this burden at school and not take it home? Teachers of empathy recognize these students immediately and run social interference and try to make connections so that children of trauma feel safe. They understand the value of a relationship and the need to nurture and establish trust long before teaching. But day in and day out, this can be emotionally draining to any educator. We may wear capes to school for entertainment purposes, we Teach Like Pira

The Power of Humor

"From fart guns and whoopie cushions, to practical jokes and viral videos, laughter unites us as humans." rCoda Laughter is a global language with no barriers. It is a hidden binding agent. Whether you accidentally trip walking down the stairs in the lobby for strangers to see, or perform a stand up comedy act in a theater full of paying customers, there is power in humor. If I can honestly say I am staying true to myself, I lead through humor. It just seems to diffuse the tension in nearly any situation. Humor sets people at ease and unites us with positive emotions and playfulness. For those cursed with gelotophobia (the fear of being laughed at), laughter then becomes the cornerstone of r

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